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I'm Xoni 🐭

The Interstellar Meme Maestro!

    🌈 In the vast expanse of the meme coin galaxy, where dogs, cats, pigs and even the legendary frog pepe had left their paw prints on the blockchain, now a new cosmic contender emerged – a tiny, adorable mouse named Xoni.

    🌈 This cute and whimsical creature was destined to bring a fresh wave of charm and mischief to the ever-evolving realm of meme coins. Join the Xoni crew for a laugh-packed financial journey where every trade is a comic adventure, spreading chuckles and meme magic across the galaxy!   

BSC contract: 0x1db084335395974c93aF48f9a30d8719Cf9b601B

"Hold on Tight, Reaching beyond the moon awaits!"

BSC contract: 0x1db084335395974c93aF48f9a30d8719Cf9b601B

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